Playing Video Games

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Background of the Study I chose the topic for I, myself, am a gamer. I am very fond of playing video games. Whenever I play video games, my parents always discuss the bad things I can get from it. They always say I should stop playing, that there’s nothing good I can get from playing these games. Playing video games is not at all bad. It may be good actually. I chose this topic so that I could research more and dig deeper on what the effects of playing video games really are, I’d like to show others the other side of the effects of playing video games. Significance of the Study A lot of people play video games. Kids in a restaurant play with their tablets while waiting for food. People in the internet café play different kinds of video…show more content…
Next, 12 years is the average number of years adult gamers have been playing video games. The average gamer spends 8 hours a week playing video games. Video games might seem to be played by boys only, but 40 percent of gamers are female. Lastly, according to a study conducted by Peter. D Hart, about 35 percent of parents play video games, and 93 percent of these parents play games together with their children. CONTROVERSIES There are several effects we can get from playing video games. There are these bad effects, which are more popular to many of us. One of which is addiction. Many gamers get addicted to the games they play, but why? What makes playing video games so addicting. !!!! Accomplishment is something that makes us feel good. It is something that we pursue in big and small ways each day. An example is that when we finally completed our assignment, or an oral defense, we felt so good. This is what we call the need for competence or mastery. Even from the moment we are born, we are already seeking mastery over ourselves and our environment. We learn how some things work by looking at them, exploring and manipulating them. The truth is, there is joy when we master new challenges that is an inherent part of who we are. Just like sports, video games can evoke strong feelings of excitement, achievement, and mastery. These all make video games so addicting (Rigby & Richard, 15). Another negative effect of video games is that they stimulate
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