Playing Violent Video Games On Children

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Playing Violent Video Games
When kids get bored they turn to their PlayStation four, Nintendo DS, or Xbox and play their favorite games. According to the journal of the American Medical Association, “Several peer-reviewed studies have shown that children who play M-rated games are more likely to bully and cyberbully their peers, get into physical fights, be hostile, and show aggression towards their peers.”(Carter 32) Video games are known as ‘time-wasters’ to parents, and worse, these games can corrupt the brain. Furthermore, when playing violent video games kids can attach the game into their personal life. Some games can teach kids wrong values. Playing violent video games can cause aggression, bullying, and depression in kids.
Aggression is caused by playing violent video games. When aggression is built up in a kid is caused by the difficulty of the game. When the difficulty of the game is increased so are the levels. Then, as the levels increase, becoming angry, means that the game has the player. Always about wanting more than what they already have. Next, when the kid can’t reach the goal causing them to lose will make the children try again and again causing their adrenaline to speed up due to the hyperactive role causing aggressive behavior to the player. In addition, aggressive behavior can be caused by winning too. This can affect kids who have an addiction to playing violent video games, because when kids win they seem to try to show off to their opponent player.…
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