Playscript of the Gift of the Magi

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Della: What do you think, honey? It is not the most wonderful, but the most delightful tree of any Christmas any where?
Jim: Well…
Della: Yes?
Jim: It is…most original. But the fact that we couldn’t afford to buy anything. Sometimes not even enough food! And especially not Christmas gifts. I’ve worked hard and I’m earning more money now, but back then I was only making…$30 a week.
Della: Honey, don’t worry about that! Although we do not have the largest goose, or a lot of gifts, we have the most glorious tree.
(The tree falls over.)
Della: Oh my ghost!!!
Jim: Oh, no problem, my dear. I’ll set it up right now (Smile).
(Sets the tree up, steps away from it)
Jim: You see, you have a wonderful husband who can put
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(Della runs out of the house)
Scene 3:
Hairdresser: May I help you? You want to cut your hair, don’t you? Please come in
Della: Please excuse me. I…I would like to sell my hair to you. I fear my nerves have the gotten the best of me.
Hairdresser: It’s your hair not your nerves I’m interested in. Step over here and sit down.
(Della does)
Well, hair worth seeing for once. Good color. Good texture. Sit down, I’ll chop it off.
Della: Well, you see…
Hairdresser: I do see.
Della: How much money could you give me for my hair?
Hairdresser: Twelve dollars. Are you Ok?
Della: twenty-five
Hairdresser: fifteen
Della: twenty-one
Hairdresser: eighteen
Della: done
Hairdresser: Fool, I would have paid twenty!
(She picks up her scissors)
Hairdresser: Step into the other room. You will regret this all your life.
(Della runs out of the hair store)
Scene 4:
Storekeeper: Ah. Welcome back. The girl with the boy with the gold pocket watch. Good heavens, what have you done to yourself?
Della: Oh, please don’t
Storekeeper (Staring at her): Well, hair grows.
Della: The platinum watch fob you showed me?
Storekeeper: Still in the case. Twenty-three dollars I believe I said.
Della: You had said…twenty-one.
Storekeeper: Had I? Twenty-one then.
Della: but you see, I haven’t twenty-one
Storekeeper: You haven’t twenty-one?
Della: Nineteen ninety-seven actually.
Storekeeper: Really? Afraid I couldn’t do that.
Della: Oh please. I’ve set all my hopes on it. Please help me.
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