Playstation 4 Vs The X Box

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The release of the next-generation gaming consoles has left the gaming industry is in frenzy. With so much demand for the consoles it feels as though people are ready to give away their legs to get either the PlayStation 4 or the X-Box One. With two of these monstrous gaming devices available, the decision to just choose just one console seems to be, for some, a life and death decision. Many people, as a result of not conducting the proper research, fail to realize how easy of a decision this is. In this much anticipated console race, the PlayStation 4 has a clear advantage over the X-box One and as a result, it is the console that consumers should look to buy.
Firstly, one must look at the hardware specification for both these consoles. Although both the X-Box One and the PS4 include intricate graphic processing units, the PlayStation 4 has a GPU that is “50% more powerful than the Xbox One” (Anthony). This will allow gamers to experience a more stunning and realistic gaming experience and will permit the game developers to produce games that are superior in quality. In addition, the PS4 and the X-Box One have similar random-access memory or RAM, speeds but the distinction is in complexity, and this allows PlayStation 4’s RAM to run a “memory bandwidth of roughly 176GB per second, while the Xbox One gets by with bandwidth of around 68.26GB per second” (Cunningham). With the colossal advantage in RAM the PlayStation 4 is able to run heavier programs and games more
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