Playstation 4 Vs Xbox One

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There have been arguments back and forth about the topic of which is the better gaming console, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, and those arguments rarely settle down to a single console. No console has had even the slightest edge over the other. There have been pros and cons to both consoles of whether or not they are capable of holding a firm spot in the gaming world as for their capabilities towards next generation gaming. I, as a huge gamer, know which console has an edge over the other, since I have owned and played with both of the consoles from the day they were released late in November 2013.
According to Tech Insider, “Nearly 40 million people have a PlayStation 4 at home and numerous users claim it to be by far the best looking console to date.” The internal virtual menu of the console is very fluid and easy to use with a clean and well organized setup menu. PlayStation 4 is powerful enough for multi-platform gaming and has the best graphics which is
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Both consoles have 8-core processors, 8 GB memory, AV HDMI outputs, and 3.0 USB ports. Both consoles offer multiple media applications like, Hulu, Netflix, Crackle, and YouTube and also allow live video game streaming through an application called Twitch. Both consoles offer Cloud Storage and have optical drives of Blu-Ray/ DVD. In addition, both consoles include wireless controllers that also have motion controlling features. According to CNET, “Both consoles received price drops and now are sold for a price of $350.”(2015) In conclusion, both consoles have their pros and cons and both are great for gaming, but in an overall viewpoint only one console strides over the other and that is the PlayStation 4. While numerous Xbox One users will remain to disagree with me, though, the truth is that, the PlayStation 4 is beyond superior when compared to the Xbox One; in overall speculations and in high performance
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