Plaza of Zaragoza

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Plaza, the Logistics Park of Zaragoza Author’s Name H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship LOG 5010 - International Transport & Logistics Term The Logistics Plaza of Zaragoza is the largest logistic park in Europe. It is a ten-year project that started in 2000, which is now at the middle of its completion. There are not many articles on logistic parks up till now because it is a very recent development. Generally, logistic activities would grow around strategic part without any pre-planning. Due to overcrowding of those areas, governments are now trying to place logistics in more decentralized regions and are trying to create services in order to attract customers. Case Study Summary The case of Plaza…show more content…
They might give Plaza the option of easily taking back the initial investment, however, they would not be a focus for FDI nor would help in promoting Zaragoza as an important logistic European center. International companies are still doubtful of settling down in PLAZA. They still do not see the advantage of committing to a place where none of the services offered are already up and running. Despite the facility, the airport still has very small cargo activity. Railways are being built, but not a single train stops at PLAZA, therefore opportunities of linking with ports are still to be exploited. Intermodality is still at the planning stage and the direct connection to Europe through the Pyrenees is seemed as a long-term project. The brightest view of opening a tunnel through the Pyrenees is ten years away, due to the sudden investment necessary to both Spain and France. The pillars of PLAZA cannot be built without the necessary infrastructure. Up till now it is not a strong strategic area and is unable to apply Intermodality; the only benefit is the comparatively low cost of land. However, the cheaper land is not a very attractive choice for multinational companies; this will not draw them to the park. The achievement of the project is still at risk. Managers, backed by the government, still have to work tough to build up strong reliability and make sure that the essential infrastructure is put in place so that Plaza becomes the best logistic park in
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