Pldt Case Study

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I. Background Information
In 2000, telephone giant Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. filed a lawsuit against “”, a website dedicated for free speech, for P 1.35 M in damages for use of domain name. The telecommunication company charged Gerry Kaimo, webmaster and registered owner of the domain name, and Philippines League for Democratic Telecommunications Inc. (PLDTI) for trademark infringement and engaging in unfair competition.

The telecommunication giant claimed that the said website has codes and meta tags that have led clients more to the “” web site, whose contents articles, features, illustrations are derogatory and tend to discredit the telephone company.

On the other hand, Kaimo does not deny the fact that
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Both netizens and companies that are using internet as their avenue for media publication and media relation become aware of their domain uses and properties because of the PLDT and landmark case.

The contested domain name was put to trial; PLDT took legal action by filing the following law suit:
Injunction and Damages (Intellectual Property Case: Unlawful use of Trade Name & Unfair Competition). PLDT complained the illegal use of the domain since they claimed that was “automatically and rightfully” belong to their trademark. The trademark which was the initial ‘PLDT’ and their corporate logo was allegedly an evidence of trademark infringement to PLDTI.
Unfair competition. Gerry Kaimo says he has no intention of making a profit from selling to PLDT. But the PLDT argued that it creates confusion to Internet subscribers.
All in all, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company's (PLDT) trademark infringement suit hurled against Gerry Kaimo, the owner of the satirical Web site is worth P 1.35 million.

At that time, Internet was just about to boom in the Philippines and only few people can afford to connect to World Wide Web but when the issue arise between the PLDT and PLDTI, they both gained publicity but the latter gained the sympathy.
Because of the case, companies became aware of the importance and better utilization of technological aspect of

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