Pleading and Michael Dell Essay

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Dell Computer Case Questions

Please provide a detailed answer to each of the following six questions for the Dell Computer case.

1. What has made Dell Succeed to date?

2. What is Dell’s position in the industry to date?

3. An August 12, 2002 Business Week article, indicated that by 2007 Dell intended to double revenues to $60 billion. How should Dell go about building the nearly $6 billion annual sales growth needed to achieve that target?

4. What are the implications of your recommendation? How will it affect Dell as a company?

5. If you disagree with Michael Dell’s growth target from Question #3 above, what would your alternative recommendation be? Why?

6. Dell has the following Code of
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We maintain fairness in all relationships. ▪ We are courageous. We speak up for what is right. We report wrongdoing when we see it. ▪ We use good judgment. We think before we act. We use our purpose, values and ethical principles as decision filters to guide our behavior. ▪ We are responsible. We accept the consequences of our actions. We admit our mistakes and quickly correct them. We don’t retaliate against those who try to do the right thing by asking questions or raising concerns.
However, the reality of Dell's business conduct does not match up with its rhetoric. As happens all too often, Dell, a large corporation allegedly provided unfair or misleading contractual agreements.

Despite this code of conduct the company has faced the following during the time of the case:

A California law firm has slapped Dell with a class action lawsuit charging the computer giant with "systematically deceiving" its customers. The New York Attorney General also filed a suit for the same issues. ▪ The case centers on the allegation that Dell advertises low prices for its computers, but people who try to purchase a machine at the advertised price find it's no longer available for that price. Often those customers wind up with another computer, the suit said. One plaintiff is a San Francisco nurse who said she bought a Dell notebook computer listed at $599 along with an $89 printer, but was billed

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