Pleasant Hill Elementary School: A Short Story

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Across from Pleasant Hill Elementary School, there is a playground. About 50 meters from the park lies the Birchwood Recreation Center, and right in front of that center lies a small body of water that connects two ponds together; that small flow of water became a symbol of my elementary school years, we called it the creek. In the“we”, I am including myself, my friends, and all the hopes and dreams of our younger selves--dreams forgotten before they could be fulfilled. I live smack-dab in the middle between Pleasant Hill Elementary School and William Fremd High School; ironically, the only school I had to take the bus to attend was middle school.
My days of having one teacher and a lot less stress are long gone, and the burden of growing
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We would talk about all aspects of life --skateboards, school, mango chutney, and our dreams. They told me that they and some other friends already had their future planned out: when they graduated from college, everyone would buy a house and live together as roommates, naturally, I promised that I would visit them should that dream be fulfilled. At the time, I was somewhat skeptical of that idea, as I had already witnessed some of the limits of man. Now, almost three years to the day of the conversation (I do not know exactly what day it was, only that it was springtime), I have grown even more dubious that their plan was achievable; however, I have found that the thought of a planned out, happy future very…show more content…
We rode to the park and the creek as the sun’s last rays winked at us above the trees in the West. As we rode, I became increasingly silent, feeling the divide between the old and the new; between me and the people that I had loved, those that were the only people that made me feel truly accepted in my entire school career, came a growing divide. We can still talk, but the words have no meaning, we can still laugh, but the laughter feels fake. I am normally one to embrace change, and the adventure that comes with it; indeed my life right now is a far cry from dismissal, but oftentimes, I choose to look at the beauty of the past, and wish that nothing ever has to
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