Pleasantville And A Clockwork Orange Essay

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Pleasantville and A Clockwork orange are both films that have certain things that are abnormal. Pertaining to Pleasantville it begins in black and white and end to be in color because of being exposed of certain things. In a Clockwork Orange that is exposed with violence robbery is highly unusual because it is not something morally right to do. While analyzing both of these movies they both have certain distortions that can be covered that make their own individually, out of ordinary, a tad shocking and unsatisfactory, and more to meet the eye. In Pleasantville, disorder starts to happen slowly as the movie proceeds. While David and Jennifer fight over the remote, there seems to be some strange guy at the door. This TV guy suddenly gives them a remote and they are magically in the world of Pleasantville. Pleasantville is a world that would be described as happy, and perfect, with perfect parents, school, a perfect town, and also with perfect children. The symbolism here is that everything is in black and white for a reason. The people of Pleasantville are very unaware of everything else, all they know is about Pleasantville, there are no books, and not even sex, and even the main streets have no limits. Even Mary Sue, who is Jennifer, asked her teacher Miss Peters, “What’s outside of Pleasantville? (Pleasantville Imbd)” and Miss Peters response was “The end of main street is just the beginning again). It seems that Pleasantville only exists to the people of the town.

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