`` Please Fire Me `` By Deborah Garrison Essay

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Women have long been fighting for their right to be seen as equal to men. Even to this day, women continue to fight for their rights, things such as the right to non-gender discriminatory wages. While there may be some arguments over the state of gender equality in the modern world, it is undeniable that there have been great strides made toward recognizing the female 's worth in the workforce and as a human being. Despite these strides, however, things are still not yet ideal for women and many of the issues females face today are the very same issues that have been plaguing them for decades. While it is unfortunate the oppression of women has been so long-lived, the length of that exposure has thankfully enabled many talented writers to both lament over the fact and emphasize the need for gender equality. Deborah Garrison 's 1998 poem, “Please Fire Me,” opens by describing animals engaged in causing some sort of commotion. From the opening lines describing alpha males (Garrison 761, lines 1-4), the reader can identify that the scenario that is being described is controlled by the male presence. Garrison then describes nearby hens which are described as having “quivering claws” (762, line 7), showing fear and intimidation as they discuss the alpha males ' activity. The third stanza in the poem is the first to give the reader the information about what is actually being described. Another alpha male joins the pack, but is then described as a “man 's man” who can hold

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