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To: The Management Team of Pleasure Craft INC.

From: Group A+

Subject: Expanding Production

Date: September 29, 2010

Since beginning 40 years ago, Pleasure Craft INC. has been successful in both the domestic and international marketplace. Currently producing two products, snowmobiles and personal watercraft, both of which have become mature markets and thus giving little room to grow, two options have been determined to further the growth of Pleasure Craft INC.. First being to start production on outboard motors. This option allows Pleasure Craft INC. to remain in a familiar market, utilizing current contacts and sales tactics. The second option draws upon Pleasure Craft INC.’s experience with small
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As Pleasure Craft Inc. has publicly held debt; we determined the cost of debt to be the yield to maturity on the outstanding debt on the outboard motor project, so using a financial calculator we establish the YTM to be equal to 2.4827%. Because this is a Semi- annual compounding, rd = YTM * 2 = 4.9654%; for the cost of equity (Rf + β (Rm - Rf)): 12.8420%. The WACC is the discount rate of the projects WACC = rd * (1- Td) * D/V + (re * E/ V) = 4.9654% (1- 35%) * 30% + 12.8420% * 70% = 0.0996, so the WACC is determined to be 9.96% for outboard motors project. The NPV of this project is positive and equal to $35,630,973.63, the IRR for the outboard motors has calculated to be 8%. From these calculation we can know the project’s beta is lower than project front- end loader project and the risk is lower also; from the decision rule the NPV > 0 and IRR > R, so we choose the outboard motor project.

The Front End Loader Project

The front-end loader project would require that the company would produce small front-end loaders and sell its product to construction companies, farmers and ranchers through retail establishments and to the military and municipal government directly. This is a completely new business venture for the Pleasure Crafts INC. It will draw upon its strengths in small-engine manufacturing. However, to make the final

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