Plight of the Little Emperors

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Amy F. 09/14/2014 ENGL 111 In “Plight of the Little Emperors” by Taylor Clark the article talks about the difficulties of young children growing up in China. The article talks about how some mothers who gave up their employment to monitor their children’s studies and also go to school with them, just to make sure their children succeed. Parents even monitor their children’s five plus hours of nightly homework. Children aren’t allowed to watch television until the homework is done. The children’s whole future hinged on just one test. It is China’s version of the SAT’s, but in China it is called “GAO KAO” or “tall test”. The children prepare their whole life for this one test. If they do pass they get a pick at top…show more content…
A lot of the children try to escape through on-line gaming. They buckle under the pressure at the universities and stop going to classes. The term ‘depression’ didn’t even exist in China in the 20th century and there was no vocabulary for it. The children were thought to be anti-social. If the children were depressed they were thought to be impure and they were sent to a labor camp. But now they have more knowledge about mental health. They have even set up crisis hot lines, and China is taking steps to take the pressure off young children. After I read this article I disagree a lot with, I thought I am glad I don’t live in China. I think children should be allowed to be children. I don’t think your whole life should depend on just one test. The parents giving up so much for their children in the hopes of them passing a test just amazes me. Reading this article it talks about how hard of a life the children have, but what about the parents? They are sacrificing their whole life on their one child, in the hopes of them succeeding and taking care of them in their old age, which I do agree with children taking care of their parents when they get older. The way I was raised, you do take care of your parents when they get older. I disagree with a child’s whole future resting on just one test. That puts so much pressure on children to do well at such a young age. I can see why children get depressed, if

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