Plot Development in Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

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Many times plot development is thought of as a key detail in keeping a story organized, while others would say that plot structure tends to add too much order to a piece of work and hinder the reader from exploring true creativity. A great example of these two contrasting ideas is illustrated in Amy Tan’s well-known novel “The Joy Luck Club”. Although some could argue that there is no definite plot structure portrayed at all within the book, this is not true. A slight plot lies within each individual short story. While there might not be an overall rising and falling action connected throughout the novel, an exposition, climax, and resolution are clearly illustrated in each story. Typically, the exposition provides background information and introduces the reader to what the story will be about. An example of this would be in the beginning of the story, “Two Kinds”, when Jing-Mei Woo says, “My mother believed you could be anything you wanted to be in America…my mother told me when I was nine” (Tan 132). In this quote Jing- Mei Woo informs the reader on how her mother would always tell her that America is the land of opportunity, and also gives the reader a key idea that follows her throughout much of her life. This idea helps to explain many of Jing- Mei’s actions. On the other hand, this story is placed towards the middle of the novel, meaning this story should begin to set up for the climax of the over all novel. For example, this story is about her Jing- Mei Woo’s

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