Plot Of The Film ' The Night On Amity Island '

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Plot of the Film After a skinny dip late in the night on Amity Island, there is a disappearance of a young woman. The following morning, parts of her body wash up on the Island’s shores. This prompts Martin Brody, the police chief, to believe that she was attacked by a shark and in effect, orders closing of the beaches. 24 hours later, the beaches are opened again. This follows concerns of the mayor and the medical examiner who brand the incident as an accident caused by a boat. The two value the economy of the town than the safety of the public. According to the mayor, the beaches should be open because the weekend of 4th of July is very busy and lucrative. On a second incident, a young boy suffers the same fate. His mother promises to…show more content…
They find a local fisherman’s vessel half submerged. Hooper dives under the vessel and comes out with a large tooth of a huge shark that is stuck into the hull. Out of the hull that is wrecked, pops a human head that is severed. The mayor ignores their ordeal and leaves the beaches open for July 4th.Another victim is killed at the beach as a son to Brody narrowly escapes attack. Quint promises to kill the animal for $15,000. The mayor finally admits there is a problem and hires him for the job. Technical Composition of the Movie Gottlieb & Benchley (2010) point out that “Jaws” was directed by Steven Spielberg. Starring in the movie included Craig Kingsbury, Jeffrey Voorhees, Lee Fierro, Jay Mello, Chris Robello, Ted Grossman, Jonathan Filley, Susan Backlinie, Jeffrey Kramer, Carl Gottlieb, Murray Hamilton, Lorraine Gary, Richard Dreyfuss, Robert Shaw, and Roy Scheider. The director of the film, Spielberg, applied key editing techniques. For instance, he applied the techniques in segueing from one scene of the film to another. This is evident in the movie’s first half where in most instances; the director uses transitions that have intentional shock to the audience so as to achieve suspense in the film. The director went on to edit some parts of the film to satisfy the feeling he wanted to create in it. For example, after a preview, he detected that requisite jumps were not delivered by the instance where Ben Gardner’s corpse was
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