Plot Of The Novel ' The Hunger Games '

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The plot is a very important part of a story. If there was not a plot structure; it would be a very boring story. That is if they could even make a story at all. Every story has to have some kind of plot. A short story might be able to have a simple plot, but a movie or novel would have to have one, or who would pay for the movie or book. Even though, there has to be some kind of plot; that might not be the main purpose of the book. The important part, that draws people in could also be the characters. The girl that is reading The Hunger Games, might not be reading it because she wants to what happens next. It could be that she loves Katniss Everdeen, and wants to keep reading about her. Of course there has to be a plot or there would be no reason to keep reading; it just might not be the main focus. The storyline of the reading material is called a plot. The plot has a structure containing exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and the resolution. Exposition is the introduction of the story. In the short story, “A Family Supper” the exposition is when he is talking about the poisonous fish, Fugu, and how his mother had died from eating it. During this time, it also talks about the conflict between him and his parents. This is how readers know that while him and his dad are talking that there is tension there. The conflict keeps the reader in suspense, wondering why he went to America, until they read where his sister, later, asks about a girl
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