Plot Summary Of The Poem 'Yearbook'

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The theme is that no matter how much life challenges you if you believe things can get better they will. An example from the story is when the man is down because the hard drive sputtered and told him that it was full. The deleting game began, then the phrasing game, the condensing game. He is down and depressed because he can not put any new information into the computers. He goes home and his wife asks him what’s wrong and he says nothing, and continues with his own thing. The man was down because he couldn't put anymore info into the computer. The man started to realize that the not all the work was as important as the well-being of his wife. He had noticed that she was down because she knew that something was wrong with him. He then started to realize the only important thing is that his wife knows that he still loves her and won’t leave her. After assuring her that he’s not leaving her, he becomes less down, and came to terms with society.
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Every night the man went home to his wife and stared her in the face. she asked him what was wrong. Every time she’d asked he would say “nothing” ( as he tried to think of any names he may have forgotten. After he says “nothing” his wife then throws away another catfish. After the man had finally come to terms with the society, he’d tried his wife’s breakfast catfish. He thought that it tasted like the most delicious thing he’s ever had. The catfish had been a representation that the man thought his marriage was going ‘down the drain’. But then he had come to terms with the society. Took a bite of the breakfast catfish and liked it. Then no cat fish had wasted because there marriage was starting to come back
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