Plot Summary Of West Side Story By Arthur Laurents

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Plot Summary West side story is a novel written by Arthur Laurents, based on the Broadway musical of the same name. This is a story about two enemy gang groups, the Sharks and the Jets, who live in New York City in the late 1950s. The rivalry is between Puerto Ricans and Americans. The two groups have a long known hatred for each other and are feared by the rest of the community. Both groups use violence in order to show supremacy over the neighborhood. In this novel, two characters, Maria and Tony, fall in love with each other; despite the fact that they are related to opposing gangs. They plan on escaping the neighborhood and getting married to avoid the chaos surrounding them. The genres of this novel are romance, crime, and drama. The main characters are the Jets and the Sharks, who can be described as angry, prideful, rude, and violent. The other two characters, Maria and Tony, are much more caring, compassionate, loving, and romantic. Characterization of the Protagonist The protagonist in this story is Tony. He is a loving, smart, caring, and heroic man. Tony used to be the leader of the Jets until he realized that he wanted more in life than getting into fights and arguments. This left the Jets with hatred for him. Despite this, Tony is quite hopeful and he knows that the future is holding something better for him other than crimes and street fights.Tony changes throughout the story in that, he realizes how immature his actions were and moves on from his

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