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Plot Summary: One of the old popular movies I prepared to write and give a critique about the use of substance abuse is the movie Blow. Blow is a film that was released in 2001 and portrays the life of George Jung, a United States citizen cocaine smuggler. The story is based on real-life events in which Pablo Escobar, a famous Colombian drug dealer and the Cartel de Medellin, are important part of George Jung’s rollercoaster adventure life. Famed actor Johnny Depp portrays the character of young George. The story starts out with the young life of George and the many attempts by his mother to try to leave the family because of scarcity of money; eventually the family suffered bankruptcy. From a young age, George’s father taught him that…show more content…
After George ended his sentence, he violated his parole condition to remain in the State and fled to Cartagena to meet up with his cellmate, drug dealer friend to become some sort of partners in the business of trafficking drugs. They started out with trafficking of cocaine, which was a strong stimulant that people were consuming even more than marijuana in those days. After Diego, his partner, got incarcerated for trafficking drugs, he asked George to sell the part of the drug he could not sell. George miraculously sold the drug with the help of his old friend from California in 36 hours. The drug dealers back in Colombia were so amazed of George’s sales that he was invited to meet Pablo Escobar. Pablo and George agreed to work together. Escobar became the top US importer of cocaine at that time. As business grew and while meeting new people in the circle of drug dealers in Colombia, George met a woman who later became his wife and with whom he would eventually have a daughter. After settling with a family, he decided to end the drug business forever. Everything was well until one day on his birthday, together with all of his old drug dealer friends, George was arrested by FBI and DEA for possession of drugs. Following his arrest, he became a fugitive once again. Things were not well with his family. George and his wife used to fight a lot exactly the way that his parents did when he was a child. After an argument with his wife while driving, and

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