Plts Award in Employement and Personal Learning Skills in Health - Unit 1 Preparing for an Apprenticeship

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Unit 1- Preparing for an Apprenticeship 1. What are the components of your Apprenticeship? 1.1 What are the components of your Apprenticeship framework and what is the relevance of each? | Functional Skills Level 1 (English & Maths) : Functional skills provide you with the basic skills that are required in day to day activities to support you in life, learning and work.Employment and Personal Learning and Thinking Skills Level 2 (PLTS) : Personal learning and thinking encourages the development of being able to generate ideas, tackle problems and find solutions, work independently or within teams and understand legal and organisational requirements.Certificate in Healthcare Support Services Level 2 : The purpose of this…show more content…
| Be able to set goals for the coming year. 2.1 Describe the importance of meeting deadlines | Deadlines are there for a reason. Without a deadline to meet you could simply postpone whatever it is you have been working on for as long as possible resulting in work never getting done, which is hardly a productive way of working. It is therefore important to meet any deadlines that have been set. Failure to meet the deadlines puts you into a stressful position and may damage self motivation and efficiency with meeting set targets. The deadlines are there to help me as a learner achieve areas of my framework within a realistic timescale. Not meeting deadlines may result in falling behind other colleagues on work and could potentially assist in failure of tests/assessments that are carried out. | 2.2 Describe the importance of being organised | Being organised will ensure successful completion of qualifications. Its helps me to know what is expected and helps to be prepared to meet those expectations.Once organised, I will not only be prepared to respond effectively, I’ll also find that organisation allows me to be more creative and productive.Organisation consists of prioritising my objectives making them easier to handle. For example delegate tasks that are not my

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