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Kevin McPheeters Instructor’ Choice Assignment Fall2012-ECO2023-Princ Economics II-372686 November 3, 2012 Plumbing In my current position, I have the chance to dabble in many of your typical industrial trades such as electrical work, carpentry, welding and plumbing. As much as I enjoy this type of work, my job requirements create limitations to my knowledge and experience. I work in a maintenance capacity; therefore it is helpful to know a little bit about a lot, as opposed to being experienced in exclusively one trade. All of the aforementioned trades are suffering a shortage of qualified employees, so the opportunity exists to get into any of them and succeed, career wise as well as monetarily. It just amounts to how hard one is…show more content…
You will generally start out as a plumbing apprentice. You would work for a journeyman, who is a licensed plumber. Apprenticeship usually takes two years and can include a combination of trade schools and on the job training. Once this is completed, you can apply to become a licensed plumber, or journeyman. This involves taking a state required certification test. Upon passing this, you are able to practice plumbing as your own business (with proper business related insurance), or be in a lead man role in a plumbing company. The final step is master plumber. This is the final stage of plumbing. It requires a genuine knowledge of plumbing codes and requirements. Usually you will find that the owner of a plumbing company is a master plumber. This level also requires state testing to achieve. Based on the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the number of jobs in the plumbing industry will increase by 26% between 2010-2020. This is the highest ratio increase in the entire Handbook. As of 2010, the median pay of plumbers is approximately $47,000 per year, just a hair above the median average income in the U.S. This average is based on job levels from apprentice to master and all over the United States. This also assumes a 40 hour work week, which is not the norm in the plumbing industry. One can usually see a plumbing truck on the way to an emergency call any time of the day or night. So the potential for even more income than the median
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