Pluralism In The Muslim Community

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Pluralism by definition is a state of society that promotes inclusion and tolerance that allows a group to maintain and develop their traditional culture. For the Muslim community, this is tied to their cultural identity and sense of belonging here in the United States. The journal article states that “It encourages skepticism and innovation and is thus subversive of the status quo” (Moore 118). In other words, pluralism works to fight against a secular world and opens the door to change. However, it is difficult to proclaim that such an ideology exists on American soil given the events that occurred to the Muslim community post 9-11.
Government Policies and the war on terror inadvertently isolated the entire community of Muslims here in the
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It’s easy to politically marginalize a group of people who make up a small fraction of the total U.S population. Being underrepresented and feeling like they do not have a voice in the government puts a halt on any form of change and make it even more difficult to establish a sense of belonging. The U.S in term of an industrialized powerhouse is a the top which contributes to its political power, however, the inclusion of Muslim Americans is almost nonexistent. For many Muslim Americans, it is difficult to continue publicly supporting and celebrating their culture, religion, and heritage out of fear of the backlash.

People fear that in which is different from the norm but, America is founding upon the idea of freedom and diversity. Inclusion and tolerance should not be something that has to be required rather a principle ingrained in each individual from the very beginning. This journal article aimed to discuss the meaning of pluralism in the U.S and in doing so highlights the fact that given the current trajectory and the Muslim experience in the United States, it now more vital than ever to take a step back and examine the impact of how minorities are treated and the steps necessary for social and political
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