Pluralism : Is Pluralistic Or Not?

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Pluralism in America America as we see it today is a country with many different races, cultures, and religions all scattered out throughout the nation. You might not be able to tell but when you’re walking down the street there are people from all over the world that are walking around you, and not just that, there are people that may have the complete opposite religion that you have. You might not like that very well but it is a matter of America being pluralistic. In many people’s eyes America is not truly pluralistic, but the right people see that America is how you want it be. Meaning the people have to make the decision whether it is pluralistic or not, and it has not become a fact whether or not is or not yet. Pluralism is a society, system of government, or organization that has multiple groups to save their identities while being with other groups. Rather than having just one group or culture, determining how things are going to go, pluralism notices a larger number of fighting groups that think they all share the same power. Pluralism serves as a example of equality, where different groups can voice their opinions and ideas. There are many example of why America is not a truly defined nation yet and here is the first one. There are many different diversities that are all in America. Many people may not like the fact that they are living next to a Muslim family or a Jewish family but it is the way America is. The people who do not like that being the case of
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