Pluralistic Ignorance

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This article was truly interesting to me; the author had great ways of putting the reader in the other people’s shoes. I enjoyed how she explored the deep meanings of pluralistic ignorance, and diffusion responsibility because it is something that I never thought too much into detail about. The author went into great detail of seeking to understand the mental process of by standards reactions in certain situations. It was weird for me to think about these two things because it is something that happens to each and everyone without most of us even realizing it. The thing that came to my mind as I read this article was car accidents and how we assume that the people have already gotten help or called the police. People tend to pass car accidents with the assumption that the people in the accident have…show more content…
This had a huge impact on the way I am going to go about my sticky situation like this. For example I am going to try and not assume that the people have already called the cops when there is an accident because if something were to happen, say like a death, I would not want that weight on my shoulders for the rest of my life knowing that I could have done something to stop it and maybe even save that person. The next thing I found to be extremely interesting was diffusion of responsibility. I really took a keen interest in this part of the article because it is something that I feel like goes on often and can easily be stopped. They went into details on how once there are more people in a group, each person feels less responsible, and comparing that to when you are the only witness you are fully responsible for what happens. They performed an experiment on a group of 6 people and had a prerecorded voice on the intercom saying that they were having a seizer and called out for help. The people who believed were the only ones to hear the cries for help had 85% of them help, and the ones who thought they were one of the six only 31% of
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