Plus Is A Reader 's Advisory Resource

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Novellist Plus is a reader’s advisory resource that offers the user both a fiction and nonfiction database. The question that Novellist Plus seeks to answer is ‘What should I read next?’ With Novellist Plus, the user can search for books by either entering keywords into the search bar or by browsing by genre, appeal, award winners, and audio books. On the main page, users can search for books by a few words such as whimsical, fast paced, amusing, etc. or by looking for books that are within a certain age range. In addition, on the left hand side of the main page, the user can browse the recommended reading lists. When the user enters a specific book into the search bar or clicks on a book, a list of read-alikes appears on the right hand side for the user to explore. In addition, on the display page, there is a section for reviews, audiobooks, lists & articles, and a ‘more about this book’ section. One special feature I discovered is the fact that under the display page, the user can search for more books by selecting descriptors of the original book. Another special feature is the fact that the user can save the results in a folder to review alter. So if a teacher is looking for books to recommend, they can create a list based on their choices and save them to share with their class later. The target audience for this resource would be the general public because it recommends books for all ages. For technical support, Novellist Plus has the help link located at the top of
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