Pluto Telecommunication

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Pluto Telecommunications[i]

Introduction 'Just what is going on in this corporation? ' shouted Veronica Tsang, managing director of Pluto Communications. Her question - aimed at no particular individual seated around the boardroom table - was provoked by the presentation which had just been given by management consultant, Andrew Wensley.

'Let me get this straight, ' Veronica continued. 'Sales, Customer Services and Marketing are not only not talking to each other, on occasions they are actually working against each other. As a result of this, Pluto is losing new orders and getting an increasing number of complaints from existing customers. It 's a disaster! '

'That is something of an over-statement, Ms Tsang, but essentially
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All successful sales staff have company cars, laptop computers and visibly high incomes. They tend to dress very smartly and walk around company premises in a self-confident, sometimes arrogant manner. They operate very much as individuals and rarely resort to the formal chain of command when a problem arises. .

Customer services
This department embraces many functions, but the two main groups of employees are Reception and Engineering. Reception staff process orders taken by Sales and convert them into work orders for the engineers. Engineering staff, in turn, are responsible for the installation and maintenance of Pluto equipment and services. John Buchanan is responsible for overseeing the smooth running of the department.

Customer Service managers are driven by annual service quality targets set by top management. For example, Reception staff are targeted to answer 90 per cent of telephone calls within 15 seconds, whilst Engineering staff are targeted with installing 90 per cent of internet connections within 6 working days and repairing 90 per cent of faults within 5 hours. Results are monitored daily. Although bonuses are linked to achieving these targets, these are fairly small (a maximum of £1000 per year). In fact, more action is taken when targets are not reached. In these instances, recriminations and formal warnings of poor performance are the norm. Bad news travels faster than
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