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Question: Final assignment on case study of Pluto Telecommunications 1. INTRODUCTION Pluto started losing business because of there is no common strategic level business communications between directors and managing directors within organisation. The integrations of departments are causing further problems, because some employees are benefiting more than others are. Therefore, it is easy to envisage the conflict of interest from different individuals, which has created three sub-cultures within a single organisational culture. However, with the right measure of processes, management and leaderships, Pluto can bring both organisation and business on track. 2. STATEMENT OF PROBLEMS Within the departments' communications and…show more content…
Pluto changed in size, but did not equally change with structure, strategy, technology and environment. Furthermore, according to Martin Corbett, Lawrence and Lorsch (1967) argued that, only parts of the organisation deal with parts of the environment; and, more turbulent, complex and diverse the external environment facing organisation, the greater the degree of differentiation among its sub-parts [6]. It is obvious that Tim, John, and Matthew from their respective departments will hold different attitudes and behave differently in terms of their goal perspective, period and interpersonal orientation. Different interests and different point of views also mean that they will often find it difficult to see the things same way or to agree on integrated plan of action. Matthew only recruits business university graduates, whereas others do not. According to Martin Corbett, Sherif M. and Sherif C. (1950) started that levels of conflict between groups are largely a result of organisational structure. However, Crozier (1964) and Hickson et al., (1971) stated that revealed that sources of power are often hidden in the design of the organisation its structure and its culture [7]. Veronica did not notice the hidden power within groups and did not realise the consequences of the power. The presence of abuse of technology has taken a dominant position across Pluto; marketing team does not use email to inform their product
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