Pm 584 Qualitative Risk Assessment

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Quantitative Risk Assessment
October 2015
Deborah Reid

Quantitative Risk Assessment

The following paper will cover a revision to the Kudler Fine Foods newsletter with coupons for a promotional items project background clarifying the project scope, requirements, schedule, quality and constraints. This paper will also include an updated risk identification framework, qualified and quantified risk matrix, and prioritized risk register.

Revised Project Background

The basic project is the design of a monthly newsletter with coupons for promotional items using the current customer demographic database. The project timeline is 9 months with a budget of $75,000. The majority of
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This risk is low as the design agency will provide several different newsletter layouts for review. The design delays will most likely be in response to changes requested by management and the project team.

Review Delays: As management and the project team review the newsletter design layouts there is a high likelihood that delays will be seen in this area. The impact on the project should be low as long as delays are kept to a This area is where the project team expects to see the highest risk.

Pre-production and printing delays: The likelihood of delays in this area are low. The pre-production of the newsletter will have been completed by the design agency and the final artwork provided to the printer. The printer will provide proofs prior to printing. The timeline includes some built in revision time.

Management Delays: Management will be involved throughout the project so delays in this area are deemed as low risk. Management will have chosen the promotional items to be included as coupons in the newsletter at the beginning of the project concurrent with the design phase. Management’s involvement throughout the project will aid in eliminating this type of delay.

Qualified and Quantified Risk Matrix

|Quantitative Risk Table |

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