Essay about Pm 586: Project Part 1

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Appendix Project Charter Project Title: Huntsville Plant Initiative Project Start Date: April 19, 2009 Project End Date: June 16, 2010 Project Manager: Janis Clark Mission Construct a new manufacturing plant in Huntsville, Alabama. Objective To place the new plant in an appropriate organizational structure with capable staff, recruit the required staff from both outside and inside of the company. Approach Move all skilled employees to Milwaukee. Give employees that are willing to move a promotion. Roles and Responsibilities Steve Pokorski, Vice President of Operations Jo Drake, Director of Plant Engineering Janis Clark, Vice President of Marketing and Program (project) Manager Project team, plants…show more content…
The reason being is that each part would serve as a guide for the next step. In doing this, Janis is ensuring that she establishes clear goals and objectives for the project. According to Janis’s view point, she felt that it would be appropriate to create a project charter using the task list as a guide, which was a good place to first start. However the key thing to remember is a project charter must include the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved, project objectives, all primary stakeholders, and authority for the project manager. When analyzing this from Janis’s point of view, the task list clearly identifies the reason for the project; it provides a list of tasks or objectives that will be needed to
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