Pm 592 Week 6 Quiz Essay

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1. | Question : | (TCO B) Crashing Problem Using the network below and the additional information provided, find: (a) The crash cost per day per activity? (b) Which activities should be crashed to meet a project deadline of 12 days at minimum cost? (c) What is the extra cost to crash the project? Activity | Normal Time | Crash Time | Normal Cost | Crash Cost | A | 5 | 3 | $300 | $600 | B | 3 | 2 | $250 | $450 | C | 6 | 4 | $400 | $500 | D | 5 | 3 | $150 | $400 | | | | Student Answer: | | a) Crash cost of A = (600-300)/(5-3) = $150; Crash Cost of B = (450-250)/(3-2) = $200; Crash Cost of C = (500-400)/(6-4) = $50; Crash Cost of D = (400-150)/(5-3) = $125 b) As per the above schedule, the activities on the…show more content…
(b) Describe the EVM process used to determine how far our project is ahead of or behind schedule. | | | Student Answer: | | a) Using the traditional method of assessing project performance, we would be able to see if we have been over or under budget and timelines, and we would only have this information once the project has been completed. However, with the traditional approach would not be able to effectively track project performance at a task level and at any given point in time. Due to this, decisions that may need to be taken during the project or identifying issues or project health during project execution is more difficult using traditional approaches than using the EVM process. b) The EVM process is based on tracking the schedule and cost performance at a task level on an on-going basis, that will help determine project task level and overall status with effective indicators that would help make project related decisions. In the EVM process, a baseline plan is made for project costs and timelines and then these are tracked against actual costs and work completion to find out the cost variances and schedule variances and cost and schedule indexes, that will help determine how the project is performing on these parameters. If the variances are in negative or if the indexes are less than 1, it means that the task or the project is behind on cost and schedule and

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