Pmbok Chapter 2 Summary

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Summary of chapter two

Project life cycle and organisation



Headings: 1. Project life cycle 2. Projects V. Operational work 3. Stakeholders 4. Organizational Influences on Project Management

Project life cycle and organisation:
The life cycle structure can be broken down into four headings. * Starting the project * Organizing the project * Carrying out the project work & * Closing the project

The above chart shows time against cost and staff effort. Cost and staffing are low at the start, then peak as work is carried out and then drop as the project closes. The reason for this is that the bulk of your expenditure will
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Projects V. Operational work:
The two share some characteristics: 1. Performed by individuals 2. Limited by constraints, including resource constraints 3. Planned, executed, monitored & controlled 4. Performed to achieve organisational objectives or strategic plans
Operations: Are on-going and produce repetitive products, services or results.
Projects: Are temporary and have an end.
Operations work sustains the organisation over time. It doesn’t stop when objectives are met but follow new directions.
Significant interaction between operations department & project team means Project goals are achieved when teams work together. E.g. project to redesign a product.
Stakeholders are people or organizations who are actively involved in the project. They can be: * Customers/users * Sponsors * The performing organisation * The public * Program managers * Project team & * Operations management
Their interests may positively or negatively affect the performance or completion of the project. The project manager must manage influences from internal and external stakeholders to make sure all demands are met and that there are no conflicting ideas.
A stakeholder that is usually overlooked is the legal department, who are significant in any project. Late recognition of this can result in delays and increased expenses. Disregarding negative

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