Pmbok Integration and Scope Management

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Master of Project Management

Cover Sheet for Assignments

Name: Srinivasan Ranganathan | Student ID No: 1601708 | Course Name: Applied Project Management 1 | | Assignment number: 1a | | Due Date: 14th March 2011 | |

KEEP A COPY Please be sure to make a copy of your work before you submit it. On rare occasions an assignment gets lost in the system. In such a case you must be able to provide another copy.

Plagiarism is the presentation by a student of an assignment that has been copied in whole or in part from another student’s work, or from any other source (e.g. published books or periodicals or internet sites) without proper acknowledgment in the text.

Collusion is the presentation by a
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Documents details. * Closes project & documents all details from planning phase to the closing phase

Outcomes of project scope management

Outcomes of project Scope Management is a well defined project objective and control of other knowledge areas within the defined boundaries.

* Scope management effectively integrates the user requirements with market dynamics & stake holder or sponsor needs. It also acts as a reference to identify the project boundaries. * Iterates and uses various techniques like group meetings, conducting survey to collect relevant data deliver precise requirements documentation. * Define and deliver Project Scope Statement, with elements of assumptions, deliverables, Cost, major milestones, product acceptance criteria & other approval requirements. * Justifies the requirement of project with defines and controls the project inclusions and exclusions. * Breaks the project scope statement into sub projects and sub activity to the smallest detail to create Work Breakdown structures. Here the organizational assets are evaluated and project groups are formed. Each group is assigned with appropriate responsibilities governed by scope baseline. * Work breakdown structure effectively breaks the compounded project into simple
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