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SCOPE MGT 1. Of the following, which is not part of project scope management? A. Scope planning B. Scope verification C. Quality assurance D. Initiation 2. You are probably going to be the project manager for the HGD Project and will need as many inputs to the initiation phase as possible. Of the following, which is the best source of information for your project? A. Business plans B. Historical information C. WBS D. The project charter 3. You are a project manager for your organization. Sarah, a project manager in training, wants to know when the project manager is assigned to a project? Your answer should be: A. During the initiation stage B. During the planning stage C. When the stakeholders approve the budget D. After the project…show more content…
Outsourcing portions of the project execution to transfer risk C. Adding a recently created computer program to control and monitor the manufacturing assembly D. Documenting the project and how the manufacturing assembly should work 15. A project team member has, on his own initiative, added extra vents to an attic to increase air circulation in the attic. The project plan did not call for these extra vents, but the team member decided they were needed based on the geographical location of the house. The project team’s experts concur with this decision. This is an example of: A. Cost control B. Ineffective change control C. Self-led teams D. Value added change 16. Which of the following is an output of scope change control? A. Workarounds B. Corrective action C. Transference D. Risk assessment 17. You are the project manager for the JHG Project. Your project is to create a new product for your industry. You have recently learned your competitor is also working on a similar project but their offering will include a computer-aided program and web-based tools, which the project does not offer. You have implemented a change request to update your project. This is an example of which of the following? A. A change due to an error and omission in the initiation phase B. A change due to an external event C. A change due to an error or omission in the planning phase D. A change due to a legal issue 18. You are the project manager for a pharmaceuticals company. A
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