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Pneumonia is a condition that occurs in the lungs that causes inflammation. It is caused by infections at large. However, bacteria, fungi, viruses and other parasites may also be responsible for the condition. Older people who are above 65 years, people having chronic illness and those who have a week immune system are more prone and likely to this kind of inflammation. Pneumonia can range from mild to life threatening illness. In fact this condition is characterized with high inflammation in the lungs which is caused by the abnormal filling of fluid in the alveolar. Alveoli are very small air filled sacks that are responsible for exchange of gas in the lungs. Causes of Pneumonia The body has a natural mechanism to protect itself…show more content…
Tests and diagnose of Pneumonia The tests may be based on physical exam and medical history. The following are some tests which you may undergo: • Physical exam Here the doctor checks for some bubbling sound that be little abnormal and some crackling sounds may also be associated with it. This may signal the presence of a thick liquid in the lungs. • X-rays This can be used to confirm pneumonia which can be used to determine the location and extent of the infection. • Mucus and blood test To measure the count of white blood cells, you may undergo blood tests, which can also be used to determine the presence of bacteria, virus and other organism. The mucus can also be used to examine and identify the microorganism. Home remedies for pneumonia are beneficial at the early stage. Some of these remedies are mentioned below: Home Remedies for Pneumonia using fenugreek seeds and sesame seeds • Fenugreek seeds can be used to prepare tea which will mainly help the body of the patient to perspire. This will also shorten the period of fever and dispel toxic from the body. The patient is recommended to take four cups of tea daily. When fenugreek is used during treatments than no other nourishments or food should be taken. This is one of the ideal

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