Po Almeida Observation

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On Tuesday, December 15 2015, at about 1315 hours, while present at group 31 office, Lt. Robert Bava and I, conducted the P.G. 206-13 hearing of PO Derek Almeida, Tax #946426, currently assigned to the 83 Precinct. The hearing took place at 241 37 Street, Third Floor, Brooklyn, N.Y. PO Almeida was represented by P.B.A. Carl Varella. PO Almeida was interviewed as a subject. The interview was recorded on an Olympus brand digital voice recorder and upload into ICIS. In sum and substance PO almeida stated the following; On August 23, 2014 PO Derek Almeida was assigned to the the 83 precinct and he was schedule to performed a 1500X2335 tour as the sergeant operator for Sergeant Grimm but he actually performed a 1500X0800. PO Almeida stated that he was the sergeant for the entire toiur until he effect an arrest at at about 2037 hours from the croner of Bushwick Avnue and Hancock…show more content…
PO Almeida stated that Sgt. Grimm was present on the scene as well as other UMOS but he doesnt remember who they were specifically. PO Almeida arrested two male and he continue to informed me that he arrested one and the other male was detained and his arrest was subsequently voided. While on the scene of arrest, he conducted a searched of Mr. Carlton Smith but he doesnt recalled the property he recovered on his person and the umos who trransported him to the 83 precinct. As for Mr. Joshua Riley he doesnt recalled who searched and/or transported him to the Precinct. PO Almeida stated that a vehicle belonging to the perpertrator was also taken into custody and it was transported by an Unknown UMOS to the 83 precinct. During the arrest process he vouchered vehicle intems, but he doesn't recalled how and who gave him the defedants property which
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