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Principles of Business School Based

“Eastern Restaurant and Bar”
“Great Satisfaction”

Name: Jayvaughn Riley
Candidate Registration #: 100069________
Center Number: 10069
Subject: Principles of Business
Teacher: Ms. Higgins
School: Marcus Garvey Technical High School
Territory: Jamaica
Date of Submission: _____

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This in turn reduces the cost of production for the establishment.

3. Proper Infrastructure
In the area, facilities such as water and electricity are accessible which allows production to be efficient. By expansion, productivity which speaks to the rate at which goods and services are produced per person will increase. Profit will be generated through this.

Selection of Appropriate Labour

The types of labour that will be necessary in the establishment are professional skilled, semi- skilled and unskilled. The establishment will employ Sixteen (16) persons including the entrepreneur. The duties of the employees will be as follows:
A bartender that assist with selling Refreshments.
The entrepreneur will have the role of the accountant and therefore handles all the money that comes into the establishment at the end of each day and does the payroll.
There will a professional chef and an assistant cook who both will have the job of preparing the meals at the highest quality that will be offered to the customers on a daily basis.
The waiter and waitress will both play the role of customer service representatives and take the orders of the customers and present them their meals in a modern and attractive manner.
The cashier collects payments for the meals ordered during the daily periods. There will be four delivery persons, a driver and

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