Pocahontas Facts

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There are so many history myths, it was impressive to me.
When I was young, I watched one movie, which was related to one woman who fell in love with one man. It was very inspiring me. I’m not sure many people know about Pocahontas.
According to Goodrich (2015), the myth is Pocahontas fell in love with John Smith and saved the settlers. We know the story of Pocahontas according to Disney; however, this is not the truth.
First, the name “Pocahontas” is a nickname, which is close to “spoiled child.” Her real name was Matoaka and she was the daughter of the chief Powhatan. Second, she married John Rolfe and returned with him to England. Moreover, there is doubt whether this marriage is based on Love or not. Because Pocahontas was kidnapped and
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