Pocahontas Movie Analysis

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For this essay, I am using the movie called Pocahontas that was produced in 1995. This movie is about a Native American girl named Pocahontas and another main character, John Smith, who came to the new world with some other sailors and soldiers. Pocahontas father, chief Powhatan, does not like the idea John and Pocahontas relationship and wants her to marry Kocoum, who everyone likes. Once that ship landed near their village Pocahontas life changes. Another Character, Governor Ratcliffe thinks the Native Americans, who he also calls “savages”, believes that they are hiding gold and the chief believes that these English sailors and soldiers just came to destroy their land. This movie misrepresents Native Americans by using racial, sexist,…show more content…
The theme of trust is made known in the music lyrics. “All those that are like you deserve trust but those that are different from you should be rejected.” That phrase seems to support the discrimination of people. The fact that the Native Americans in this movie sing the song seems confusing. But although both the Native Americans and British are referring to each other’s as “savages,” the British have depicted the Native Americans much more. The lyrics in the song really show a very strong negative depiction towards the Native Americans. Both the Native American females and males are being gender stereotyped in this movie. Being that Pocahontas was really just eleven years old in real life and then being portrayed in the movie as this older, beautiful woman with long black shiny hair and wears a short dress which reveals a lot of her body skin. Her outfit wasn’t the fashion of the Native Americans were known for in the seventeenth centuries. What Pocahontas was wearing would have been sexist in that time. With Pocahontas image being depicted like that and girls who watch this movie will think that this stereotypical image is the image that they should acquire. The Native American males are also being stereotyped in this movie. The men are portrayed as the protectors, hunters, and the pride of the Native tribe. There is another scene in the movie where they

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