Pocket Money

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|Pocket money as the name suggests is money given to children to take care of petty expenses. This amount of money |
|can be given by parents ' everyday, every week or every month or even on adhoc basis, as and when the child requires|
|it. As long as the child has the freedom to spend the money, it will be deemed as pocket money. |
|Parents extensively differ in their perspectives of whether or not to give pocket money to children. Some parents |
|believe that pocket money should not be given since |
|* |
|That will make the child feel
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What does that mean? It means that parents can |
|often inculcate values/ beliefs/ actions in their children by rewarding them for it in the form of pocket money. In|
|such cases, parents divide the pocket money amount in two parts: |
|* |
|One that is given on a timely basis. |
| |
|* |
|Second that is earned against some house jobs. For eg: every Sunday, you could start giving a fixed sum of money to|
|your son if he helps his father in cleaning the car. Or if your daughter helps around in dusting the house. This |
|will in a way also inculcate the habit of weekly cleanliness in them since childhood. Similarly, if you strongly |
|wish to inculcate the value of ' helping others ' in your children, you could promise them an extra sum of money |
|during summer vacations if they help your maid 's child learn the basics of math. |
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