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PODCAST Radio Presenter: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is the BBC world service, coming to you on this day the 17th of June 1963. Today is the 10 year anniversary of the uprisings in East Berlin which started with the peaceful demonstration of workers building a memorial to Stalin in Stalinallee. Their protest against the increased work norms, the lack of consumer goods, high price of food and low pension provisions took them to the Trade Union Head Quarters where they were swiftly joined by others. The protest quickly became a political one, but when not a single high ranking SED member came out to reason with the crowd, it moved on to the Haus der Ministerien, where the protesters reported contradictory messages. At…show more content…
Radio Presenter: Thank you for your time Konrad. Now we are going to move on to talk to Walter Ulbricht, the current Head of State for the GDR. Walter, do you believe that the way in which East Germany dealt with the uprising was appropriate? The public were demanding to be listened to and it seems as though they were only answered with violence. Ulbricht: Violence was a necessary force at the time of the uprising. The mental pollution that had been seeping in from the West was too toxic to not take severe action. We had to turn to the Soviet Union for military support. In total, around 16 Soviet divisions with 20,000 soldiers as well as 8,000 Kasernierte Volkspolizei members were used to stop the Uprising and show the people of East Germany that they had no reason to be so disheartened by the government, despite the attempts by western agencies to disrupt the national stability and legitimacy of the SED. It was clear that the increasing influence the West was bringing to our people needed to stop and we therefore had to ensure that the public understood the seriousness of going against the successful politics of the GDR. Radio presenter: Thank you Walter for helping to reflect on the traumatic riots of June 1953. We are now being connected with the USA in order to talk with Dwight Eisenhower who was the American President at the time of the June

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