Pods Reflection

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Entry # 1 – Reflection on Introduction within Pods: This process felt rush to me seeing that I joined the course on the 8th of January, which was the day that the post was going up onto the main board. I decided to share a minimum amount of information about myself based on the question that was assigned to the pod for the week’s discussion. I was uncomfortable answering some of the questions that were asked of me by other pod members in my group; before on introduction was conducted, I was asked my age, my ethnicity and where I lived. Toby stated in his work; the tasks and skills of the social worker across stages of group development that "…at the initial stage, the group qua group is non-existent and therefore is a source of stress rather than support to members. The work of the group is…show more content…
Whitney volunteered to be the recorder and the other pod members agreed. We did not obtain the opportunity to review the information that Whitney recorded and posted on behalf of the group for the reason that we were short of time to do so. Mesbur indicated that, "Time is a specialized aspect of structure. The importance of time to effective group work practice needs to be understood. Often, decisions regarding the length of time for a particular group are not made based upon research and practice wisdom, but are formed in relation to trends and "fads". While time-limited methods have been shown to be effective for many typed of populations and problems, there are some needs which require longer term groups" (Mesbur, 2002). The importance of her insight was well received by the group as we rushed to complete the post so that Whitney would have all of the information that she needed to complete her recording. Whitney was efficient in connecting with every member of the group before she posted the recordings on the main
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