Poe And His House Of Usher Analysis

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Poe and his House of Usher (A detailed analysis of Edgar Allan Poe’s usage of setting in his work, The House of Usher, and how it effects the story.) “Poe’s genius was to remind us always that human beings are devilishly complex individuals who are pulled simultaneously toward acts of beauty and violence and that oftentimes violence translates itself strangely into an act of beauty” (Magistrale). In this quote the author references one of America’s first great poet, Edgar Allen Poe. In the short lines of this quote the majority of Poe’s works can be summarized. Poe, whom was born, in 1809, had an unpleasant childhood, in which his father left his family, and his mother soon succumbed to death. Poe lived a troubled life following time spent with his Aunt, following his parents’ death. All along his journey through life Poe faced copious amounts of hardships. Poe was not a rich man, and throughout his life and he saw and experienced many sorrows. From the death of his wife to little pay, and littler fame, Poe lived a miserable life. Poe eventually passed in 1849; sadly, only after death did his work start to become increasingly popular. Due to the many hardships Poe faced in life he had a very unique and gothic (Dark), view of the world, which he integrated into his writings, and was described in the quote above. As spoken before, Poe’s dark view of the world, became increasingly popular and interesting among many people in America, following his death. One of
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