Poe and Morrison Transformed Jalopies into Hot Rods

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The subconscious is said to control various aspects of the life of a human to include major and minor decisions alike; whether to follow the path carved out so cautiously by others or to forge a unique path and travel it fiercely with reckless abandon and ambition guided by extreme individuality. What is this perplexing, intangible thing we call the subconscious? And what role does it play in the writing process of a poet? In general, when given the task of defining the subconscious, the initial impulse is to provide an ordinary idea such as, “one’s natural instinct that lies beneath the actively aware mind and its intentional thoughts”; however, what if the subconscious is something more? What if the subconscious is actually the…show more content…
John Allen resented Poe’s desire to write poetry, as he saw it more fit that Poe obtain a formal education in business and pay closer attention to formulating his plan for a career (Hutchisson 12). Eventually Poe candidly wrote of his painful difficulties in life, “I have many occasional dealings with Adversity, but the want of parental affection has been the heaviest of my trials (Ackroyd 13).” Equally, Morrison endured an icy and emotionally distant relationship with his father. Although Morrison followed through with his father’s requests to graduate from college with a degree, the direction in which Morrison took that degree was not at all what his father had visualized for his son. At the core of Morrison were a poet and a musician, both of which were unacceptable to his father (Hopkins 63). Furthermore, Poe and Morrison shared fairly comparable philosophies on the creation of poetry. On poetry, Poe is quoted as saying “A poem in my opinion, is opposed to a work of science by having for its immediate object, pleasure, not truth” (Hutchisson 27). Poe’s philosophy on poetry shows his commitment to allowing the pleasure principle to act as the force behind the poem instead of adhering to a rigid standard put in place by others before him. Similarly, in an interview lead by Richard Goldstein in 1969, Morrison attempts to clarify his thoughts about the process of writing poetry; he states, “when you write a poem often you just, you have to be

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