Poe and Perversely

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One might ask the question what is perversely. Or even ask how can a person is perverse? So what is perversely, as defined in the Webster Dictionary Perversely means “1.) Turned away from what is right or good. 2.) Obstinate in opposing what is right, reasonable o accepted.” So perversely just basically means that someone does something that they know is wrong but they do it anyways. Everyone that is human is perverse at some point in their life. Which leads me to the second question a person might be asking, “How can a person be perverse?” Being perverse is basically just someone making a decision to perform an action that is considered wrong in the world’s eyes, but they continue to do that action anyways. It is kind of like high school,…show more content…
Bliss). Not long after killing the first cat the narrator gets another one that looks a whole lot like the first cat but with a patch of white on it’s chest. This cat does not fear the narrator like the first cat did, and it drives the narrator crazy. “In enviably, the narrator resorts to more violence in order to resent his threatened masculine power. This violence initially directed toward the second cat, ends in the narrator’s murder of his wife.” (Household Horror: Domestic Masculinity in Poe’s ‘The Black Cat.’; Ann V. Bliss). After killing his wife he winds up killing the second cat also. After having both dead he sees himself as a free man. When the police find the body of the narrator’s wife, he tries to plead his case. “Despite his attempts to portray himself as “a man formed in the image of the high god,’ the narrator is left weak, faint-hearted and emasculated.” (Household Horror: Domestic Masculinity in Poe’s ‘The Black Cat.’; Ann V. Bliss). Poe makes his views on Perverse very well known in “The Black Cat”. Poe explains that the narrator only killed the cats and wife because he felt it was the right thing to do. Poe ques in on perversely being in one’s heart and you cannot stop it. Poe even makes the narrator feel bad after he kills the first cat and even at some part of the short story he states that he knew it was wrong to kill the cat, but he goes on and kills his wife and the second cat. “The Black Cat” came out in 1843, and it was very different than the
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