Poe 's Writing Technique And Style

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I have always been interested in Poe’s poems and his writing technique and style. I had first learnt about him when I had started off high school. My teacher had assigned me one of his poems and I had to memorize it for class and then recite it. Ironically enough I was assigned “The Raven,” one of his more famous poems. Ever since then I have been hooked at reading his stories and the rest of his poems, but sadly I didn’t have enough time, well not until today that is.
The first ever poem, or ever time I have heard about Edgar Allan Poe was in my 9th grade reading class I don’t really know much about Poe. Even when it was just another boring assignment I was interested. The way he captures tragedy and the way he just write his stories is so fascinating to me. I love the way his writing style was so dark and mysterious and I loved it even more that he didn’t only just write poems but short stories too. Edgar is truly and inspiration and I have recently decided to write this I-Search Essay on him because he is a very intriguing person and I want to know more about his past and what inspired him to write what he does and the way that he does. While I was researching I found out the Poe’s mother, brother, foster mother, and wife/cousin, all had died of tuberculosis. Edgar Allan Poe was born to traveling actors in Boston, Massachusetts on January 19, 1809. He was the second of three children and his other brother, William Henry Leonard Poe was to also become a poet before his…
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