Poehler Antique Mall In Empori Unpacking The Object

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1. Unpacking the Object
What is this object? An antique wooden chair

What does the object look like? Antique, old, worn wood. There are curvy edges on the backrest portion. The wood is very worn on the seat part, and there is a lot of dust on the chair. The right side of the chair is broken in a jagged break.

Where did you obtain this object? I found this at the Poehler Antique Mall in Emporia, KS. The antique mall is located on Commercial Street.

Where can you find similar objects? At this antique store, there were tons of old chairs. You could find more there. I would assume that a lot of antique stores have old pieces of furniture like this chair. There are probably a lot of these types of chairs in older style homes. They could be found in table and chair sets, or they could be possibly found in a church.

What is it made of? Wood and screws.

Who made it? Back in history the …show more content…

I found this object because I like “upcycling.” Taking old antique items and turning them into something more modern and useful. I think restoring an object and making it personal to yourself.

Who or what does this object represent? I think this object represents middle class people. Often the middle class is overlooked and are considered “average.” This chair is overlooked too because it is a piece of furniture that almost everyone has, and we don’t often think about how the chair got there or how the chair was made. I think this is similar with a lot of people in the world. Many people go unnoticed. I hope that by adding color to this old chair, will be like the colorful personalities many people have, which makes them stand out above others.

What does this object mean to you? I became invested in this chair, I spent a lot of time and money on this project. I hope the chair will add a new style to my room. It means something special to me because I took something old and gave it a new look, but the object still does the same

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