Poem Analysis : Alone By Maya Angelou

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Have you ever felt all alone liked your trapped in a closet? Looking and searching for a way out, but it’s so dark that your eyes become heavy and start to hurt. All you can constantly think about is someone’s help. Help means to offer ones service or assistance. In life, we have to be able to depend on people in this world. The civil rights activist, director, singer and poet Maya Angelou created a poem called “Alone.” In this poem, the title speaks for itself by warning you to not live life alone because it leads to unhappiness. The poem, “Alone” by Maya Angelou uses poetic devices diction, imagery, and figurative language to express the theme “No one can make it in this world alone and have happiness.” In summary, the poem “Alone “ by Maya Angelou is about the speaker warning all human race to beware of this life living of being alone. No one can live in this world alone, and have happiness. Not having resources like friends or family can set you to a life where you have nobody. Living in a world without resources like family or friends will lead to depression. For example, Maya Angelou mention about millionaires and they still aren’t satisfied with their life. Working as a team can make a difficult situation a relief. She wrote an abundant essay constantly using recurrence of the chorus to show the importance of this poem. It stated “Alone, all alone; Nobody, but nobody; Can make it out here alone” (Stanza 2). This chorus establish the reason on why she wrote this

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