Poem Analysis : ' Beowulf '

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Kaleigh Della Grotta Ms. Murphy British Literature .2A Period C September 26, 2017 Beowulf Creative Writing Assignment Speech Honoring Beowulf I, Hrothgar, King of the Danes, built this mead hall to show everyone that Herot is the best mead hall to ever be created. Herot is a place for us to have celebrations where we eat, drink, and listen to poems shared all evening long. For countless nights Herot was your home where you would all fall fast asleep. As nights went on and things started to change we went about our lives living in fear as a sign that Herot was under attack. As you all know Grendel, a powerful monster, living in the darkness waited impatiently until you all fell asleep. Grendel hated the loudness and cheerfulness…show more content…
His plan was to bring victory back to Herot and defeat the monstrous Grendel. Many people have seen Beowulf’s strengths and he is the best choice for this battle. In his past victories, he had chased five great giants who were tangled up in chains from the earth, he swims in the darkness of night, searching for monsters and driving them out of the ocean to be victorious in killing them all. This battle was Beowulf’s calling to defeat Grendel and he wasn’t planning on giving up until his goal was achieved. On the night that Beowulf arrived Beowulf awaited for the return of Grendel while we were nowhere near the premises. Grendel departed from his lair traveling to Herot with the intention of feasting on human flesh of my men not knowing what he would be encountering. Grendel set his attention to the first Geat he laid eyes on ripping him to shreds. Beowulf was in Grendel’s path of destruction when Grendel finally reached him. The rest of Beowulf’s men sprang up from the ground ready to protect Beowulf from what was about to happen. Infact, Beowulf did not need any protection. Beowulf then grasped onto Grendel’s arm never letting go, using all his might to defeat Grendel and never losing hope. Moments later, Grendel was suffering in desperation to flee. Grendel knew that there was no hope in overcoming Beowulf’s strength. As a symbol of triumph Grendel’s arm, claw, and shoulder are now hanging high in the mead hall for everyone to see that
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