Poem Analysis: Embrace Of Terraithe

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Object 39127, a Guild of Whisperers dispatch, contains cipher text. This is the translation: Let these whispers reach the ear of our Grandfather. As bid, I travelled south, and confirmed the truth of the rumors. The way there is complex and there are many barriers to ward off any who might stumble across the entryway. With the help of the sleeping dust, and the bard's song of invisibility, I was able to slip past the guards. The doors were challenging but not insurmountable. The city is broken into two parts. All is ruled by a priest-class, and it is they who control the inner and outer sections. A massive coil encircles the city, known as the "Embrace of Terraithe." From this vantage point, priests can spy upon nearly every section of the city, whether…show more content…
His court garb is a touch aged and shows evidence of travel. From the callouses on his fingertips, it is clear he is a musician, and the books he has collected for perusal indicate he is researching ancient ballads. His expression is one of careful insouciance, so as not to reveal his incipient inspiration for a new piece. ~ 66 124 0 S 59 0 0 0d0+0 0d0+0 0 0 8 8 1 L 4 4 #32806 zealot nashite minotaur~ a Nashite minotaur zealot~ Determined to destroy blasphemous texts, a Nashite zealot mutters angrily. ~ Massive horns polished and sharpened to a deadly point, his body a burly wall of furry flesh, this robed minotaur is imposing. His jet eyes burn with a zealotry that is unquenched. He has given his heart, mind, soul, and reason to his faith. Rumors have reached him that there are texts in the Library that cast Lord Nash in an unkind light and he is determined to see to their destruction. His ire already raised by an argument with a young aara earlier today, his impotent rage seeks another target. His massive, clawed hands twitch as if they yearn to close around a delicate
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