Poem Analysis : I 'm Nobody ! Who Are You

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“I’m Nobody! Who are you?” Poem Analysis

The poem, “I’m Nobody! Who are you?” a poem by Emily Dickinson explains that in life it is best to be a humble person than a proud person who need spend their life maintaining their status in front of others. The central focus of this poem is just being humble and being yourselves. By reading her poem she is likely talking about herself also it can inferred she is reclusive and it is supported by Betsy Erkkila in her article discussing about Emily Dickinson, “Spent her entire life in the household of her parents.” (Erkkila 98). Another thing that can be inferred in this poem that she is eccentric and different from the people around her. Lastly you can also infer she is an arrogant person by the tone of the poem.
I’m Nobody! Who are you?” is labeled as lyrical poem which it is defined as a poem with deep feelings and emotions of the poet for in this case Emily Dickson expressed her emotion and her opinion in this poem. Emily Dickson expresses her opinion about the subject “seeking fame” she explains she is not a fan of it and rebels toward seeking fame. The reader can assume the speaker does not want to be famous and it’s also states in Erkkila article, she explains how Emily Dickinson showed rebellious nature and decided to rebel the norms of her local Congregational Church. Erikkila states, “But she , alone among her family, never underwent the experience of conversion… By the late 1850s, she had stopped attending church…

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